David McEvoy
I have been sculpting in metal for about ten years producing a number of limited works and commissions. What started as a hobby has now become a productive and passionate enterprise.

I enjoy working in Silicon Bronze, which appeals to my structural engineering background however, Aluminium is a pleasure to work with for the clean lines and reflections you can create. I have begun working with Sterling Silver and am quite enjoying the challenge.

I do prefer abstract works although some can be technically challenging – my dragon snake is a prime example.

I had the privilege of being tutored by Vlase Nikoleski at the University of Southern Queensland as well as studying blacksmithing, silversmithing, metal fabrication and portrait modelling at the USQ McGregor College. Fellow Sculptor Col and myself have studied with Carl Merten and learnt from his incredible range of knowledge.

Creating a Bronze original can at times be complex, time consuming and frustrating process, but as a mentor once told me ‘David you are creating a work that can last a thousand years, what is your hurry?’

I am always happy to discuss any of my work, our Studio operations and capabilities.

To view a selection of my work Click Here or visit the Hampton Valley Studio Gallery for works from all sculptors including details and prices.

Denise Rosser
I’ve been working as a sculptor for well over 20yrs now and have a love for sculpting in clay, as it is a medium that allows form and emotion to combine bringing artworks alive.

I’ve studied art at the now USQ Australia, attended workshops, most notably with Frederick Chapeau, and worked with a number of extremely talented artists over the years. I am proud to say work is currently in many private collections both in Australia and overseas.

As part of the team of artists working at Hampton Valley Studio, my progression into transforming my clay sculptures into metal is an exciting one, and I am very fortunate to be trained by fellow sculptor David, learning from his extensive experience in bronze work.

There is a mystery and timeless beauty that emanates from bronze sculptures that is captivating, and I’m in love with the ancient process.

Figurative sculpture and portrait sculpture is my forte, and all work in my collections are original works made in varying limited editions. Like the other sculptors at the studio, I am also happy to discuss one off commissions and larger joint studio commissions.

I will look forward to meeting you at our studio open days that will showcase new additions to our collections, where you can enjoy beautiful artworks, stunning views and great company over a glass of wine.

To view more of Denise’s work visit my Online Gallery or visit the Hampton Valley Studio Gallery for works from all sculptors including details and prices

Col Seccombe
I started my sculpting career while living in the united states of america in 1995, working originally with wood. I followed some of the traditional american wood sculptors concentrating on wild life. On returning to Australia in 2001 i carried on with wood until meeting up with fellow sculptor, David who was working in bronze.

The opportunity to work in bronze excited me and i made the change of medium but kept my love of wildlife . I now focus only on bronze wildlife pieces with an emphasis on birds
Initially i used sand and plaster moulds but found the detail was not to the level i wanted. I have now changed entirely to ceramic shell moulds, and with other refinements of technique, in am now turning out better and more detailed work. I love doing feather detail on birds and the process we now use is very conducive to getting the detail i aspire to.

My current major project is a pair of life size dancing brolgas, with a wing span of more than two metres and standing about 1.5 metres tall. When complete they will contain close to 100 kg of bronze and will take me around 12 months to complete.

I am also starting to repeat some of my earlier work changing over to the new ceramic shell methods we have evolved to improve the overall quality and finish. It is an incredible journey where one is continually learning and improving.

Jay Holland
My journey began in 2011, having seen David McEvoy within the Hampton Valley Studio on several occasions a passion was ignited.

Under David’s guidance and assistance I created my first piece with Hampton Valley Studio which assisted me to understand the basic principles and processes. After finishing this initial piece to my liking for our own home I embarked on my creating my own pieces utilising natures raw and rugged beauty as the catalyst for my creations.

I have eclectic tastes and styles varying from raw and rugged nature, Ukiyo-e (a Japanese genre) and Calaca/Calavera (from Mexico). I try to bring these styles into the various sculptures and artworks that I create.

While still only new to sculpting I take great pride in being involved in the process at Hampton Valley Studio and enjoy the knowledge and guidance David, Denise and Col are able to provide throughout my work.

I hope to remain with Hampton Valley Studio and over coming years begin to develop and grow my own collections expanding and strengthening my knowledge and skill.